Arthur Bousfield

Historic Reign of Elizabeth II


1952   First proclaimed Queen in Canada  among all the Commonwealth countries.

1953   Assumed the separate title “Queen of Canada”.   Crowned 2 June after swearing to govern the peoples of Canada according to their laws and customs.

1955   Authorised the new Great Seal of Canada

1956   Approved the Yukon and Northwest Territories coats-of-arms

1957   Became the first of Canada’s Monarchs to open Parliament in person.  Visited the U.S. as Queen of Canada.

1959   Made her first coast-to-coast tour as Queen.  Opened the St Lawrence Seaway.  Visited the U.S. as Queen of Canada.

1962   Adopted a personal flag for Canada based on her Canadian Royal Arms.

1964   Attended the centenary celebrations of the Charlottetown Conference.  Addressed the Quebec Legislature.

1965   Proclaimed the National Flag of Canada.

1966   Approved the Ontario and Manitoba provincial flags.

1967   Established the Order of Canada.  Presided at the centenary celebrations of Confederation.  Met the House of Commons and Senate in a special outdoor session of Parliament on Parliament Hill. Visited Expo 67 in Montreal.

1970   Toured the North to demonstrate and reaffirm Canadian sovereignty there.

1971   Attended the centenary celebrations of British Columbia’s entry into Confederation.

1972   Established the Order of Military Merit.

1973   Toured Ontario, Prince Edward island, Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Later in the same year attended the Commonwealth Conference in Ottawa.

1976   Opened the XXI Olympic Games in Montreal.  Assembled  her whole immediate family in Canada for the occasion.

1977   Celebrated her Silver Jubilee in Canada.

1978   Opened the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton.

1981   Declared to the Queen’s Canadian Privy Council her consent to the Prince of Wales’ marriage.

1982   Proclaimed the revised Constitution in Ottawa.

1983   Invited the world to Vancouver for the 1986 World Fair.

1984   As Queen of Canada received the French President at the Canadian War Cemetery, Beny-sur-Mer, France during the D-Day anniversary.

1985   Became Canada’s longest reigning Monarch since Confederation.

1987   Toured British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Quebec.

1988   Authorised the creation of the Canadian Heraldic Authority.  

1990   Presided at the Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa.  Gave permission for the addition of extra members to the Senate of Canada under Section 26 of the Constitution Act 1867.

1992   Presided at the 125th Anniversary of Confederation.

1993   Made the Victoria Cross part of the Canadian Honours System as the highest decoration for gallantry in the presence of the enemy.

1994   As Queen of the host country and Head of the Commonwealth, opened the Commonwealth Games in Victoria, B.C.

1997   At Bonavista celebrated the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Giovanni Caboto’s vessel The Matthew in Newfoundland – the beginning of the Monarchy in Canada.

2002   Celebrated the Golden Jubilee (50 years) of her reign in Ottawa.

2005   In Regina and Edmonton marked the centenary of the entry of Saskatchewan and Alberta into confederation as provinces

2007   As Queen of Canada visited Vimy Ridge in France for the 90th  anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge won by Canadian troops on 9 April 1917.

2010  Presided at Canada Day in Ottawa on a tour of Ontario and the Maritimes.   Attended the Queen’s Plate in Toronto.  Observed the centenary of the Royal Canadian Navy (which began as the Naval Service of Canada in 1910 and was created the Royal Canadian Navy  in 1911 by George V) by holding a great naval review in Halifax.  Received the Sovereign’s sword of the Royal Canadian Navy.  Laid the cornerstoneof the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg.

2015   In September surpassed in length of time the record breaking (63 years and 7 month) reign of Queen Victoria .

2017   At Canada House, London, celebrated the 150th anniversary of Confederation and her own Sapphire Jubilee (65 years) as Queen of Canada.  Received the gift of the Snowflake Brooch from the Government of Canada to commemorate the two happy events.  On 21 June designated St Catherine’s Chapel of Massey College, Toronto as a Chapel Royal - the third in Canada, all of them for the indigenous peoples.  

2022   On 6 February attained her Platinum Jubilee (70 years) as Sovereign of Canada.  On 7 September, the day before her death, sent a message of condolence and sympathy to the Government and people of Saskatchewan about the horrific murders that recently took place in the province.